The South Dakota Cattlemen’s Foundation joined forces with FEEDING SOUTH DAKOTA in May 2013 to create a signature event, Prime Time Gala & Concert, that raises critical funds for their mission by providing more beef to food insecure families throughout the state.

Since hosting the first event in June 2014, the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Foundation has raised over $1,768,376 for Feeding South Dakota. This amount has allowed Feeding South Dakota to purchase and distribute 1,222,933 pounds of beef.

While protein is a critical part of any meal, only about 7.4% of the 13.5 million pounds of food that Feeding South Dakota distributes on an annual basis is protein. In South Dakota, 1 out of 8 don’t have a consistent access to enough food to lead a healthy life. This means that over 190,000 people receive food through Feeding South Dakota programs every year.

According to the 2014 Hunger Study, 73% of children, adults, and seniors served through Feeding South Dakota and their partner feeding programs, reported purchasing inexpensive, unhealthy foods to meet their hunger needs due to the high cost of healthier foods. Due to the additional risk factors associated with poverty, food insecure and low-income individuals and families are especially vulnerable to obesity. High quality protein, like beef, plays an important role in overall health, including weight control, by increasing satiety and helping to build and maintain muscle mass.

Beef Month Burger Giveaway

See how the proceeds from the
Prime Time Gala impact our SD neighbors
During May Beef Month, the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Foundation grilled 500 burgers and 160 beef hotdogs for people who are food deprived in Sioux Falls. This donation is made possible by the people who raise cattle and the industries that support the Prime Time Gala.

Every Friday, on the campus of the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds in Sioux Falls, SD, Faith Temple Church hands out more than 15,000 pounds of food. The food goes to feed over 1,000 people a month. When the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Foundation grills, these people receive food for the week along with a full meal. The burgers and hotdog are provided with proceeds from the Prime Time Gala through Feeding South Dakota.

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